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Venezuela rechaza categóricamente violación de Carta de la OEA por el Secretario General PDF Print E-mail


These are some of the results of 15 years of the Bolivarian Revolution and the advances in social affairs, which continues being consolidated thanks to the efforts of the President Nicolás Maduro and the participation of the Venezuelan people.

Venezuela is now the country in the region with the lowest level of inequality (according to the Gini coefficient), having reduced inequality by 54%. Poverty decreased from 70.8% (1996) to 21% (2010) and extreme poverty declined from 40% (1996) to a level as low as 4.5% in 2014, unemployment was reduced from 11.3 % to 5.5%

The Venezuelan diplomat stressed that in these 15 years the national income increased to 1 billion 781 thousand US$, which 717.903 million US$ were invested in social programs, it represents a 61% for the Social Missions, health, housing and education

Venezuela reached 0.764 on the Human Development Index (health, education and income), over passing the rate of 0.662 prior to the Revolution. Incorporating Venezuela into the group of countries considered as "High Human Development". All the Millennium Development Goals set by the UN were achieved successfully and FAO has recognized three times Venezuela for its advanced food safety system.

UNESCO has recognized that Venezuela is free from illiteracy and that is the third country in the region whose population reads further. From nursery to university education it is free. We are the second in Latin America and fifth in the world to have proportionally more college students, from 28% in 1999 to 86.2% today.

In 1998, households with critical overcrowding were 14.6% and in 2015 fell to 7.9%; that is, that in the midst of a difficult economic situation continues the slowdown in the rates of overcrowding. This is a result of the Great Mission Housing Venezuela which has built currently 753,163 new homes and rehabilitated 100,000.

These indicators show the strength of the model in the middle of the economic circumstances that face the country for the economic war; it is a clear vision of the Bolivarian Government to address the structural problems of society and keep fighting poverty.

It is notable that no government of the right wing in the past could maintain in more than four decades as this revolution has achieved in only 15 years. The history of Venezuela showed that the capitalist way to an oil rich country could not be developed nationally; imperialist countries enterprises and a national oligarchy appropriated the national wealth while the people were impoverished. The way for the national development of Venezuela continues through a strong popular power, a government and a State that uses national resources for the benefit of the people's interests.

In the Fatherland Plan 2013-2019 is condensed the prospects of the Bolivarian Revolution to move to the beginning of this century. Preserve our independence as a priority, claiming the socialism and the need to confront the imperialist hegemony, a new multipolar relation in cooperation with its brother nations and re-launch the struggle to defend the planet from the excesses of capitalism.

Venezuela da pasos firmes en la integración Latino-caribeña PDF Print E-mail

Caracas, 23 de mayo de 2016 (MPPRE).- El presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela Nicolás Maduro calificó, como "fructíferas y extraordinarias" las reuniones de cooperación sostenidas con el primer Ministro de Trinidad y Tobago, Keith Rowley. Además fueron suscritos una serie de acuerdos en diversas áreas estratégicas como energía, comercio, y seguridad.

Secretaría General de UNASUR renueva su apuesta por el diálogo, la convivencia y la paz en Venezuela PDF Print E-mail

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